Anxiety be gone!

Ok so not really... those who have it know it never really goes away - but if you're lucky you can find some tools for your toolbox to help manage it. Enter oils. Many moons ago, when I was in college I stumbled on a product called Rescue Remedy. I used it religiously at night before bed. I think the combination of that, talk therapy and ridding my body of any caffeinated products helped me tremendously (fun fact, I still haven't had ANY caffeine in almost 20 years, that includes chocolate!). Fast forward to now, I am still a believer in self reflection. I still love therapy, gratitude journaling and really anything that gives you the promise of being relaxed. And now I LOVE my oils and how they help me. And since I've started this journey with Young Living and know to dive deeper into the ingredients in the products I use, I want only the purest ones.

Young Living's Premium Starter Kit comes with an oil called Stress Away. It's a blend of Lime, Cedarwood, Copaiba, Vanilla and Lavender and you guys, it's heaven in a bottle. Or chill in a bottle. The starter kit comes with a little roller ball that they tell you to pop on top of the Stress away and roll on your wrists, chest or back of your neck. You can put a few drops in your diffuser and enjoy it that way. I am currently waiting for my car vent diffuser to arrive so I can breath it in while I'm driving around the city (back and forth to school) allllllllll day long. I love it so much I keep a roller of it in my purse, in my car and next to my bed. When I finish a bottle I stick it face down in a jar of epsom salts for a few days to diffuse the oil into the salts for baths.

They call Lavender the swiss army knife of oils, for me it's Stress Away ALL THE WAY.

*** Oh and I don't mean to knock things... but 27% of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy are listed on the bottle as "preservative". And it's sold at Whole Foods. Ew.

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