Are you interested in the business side of Young Living?

*** edited to add - if you're even considering this business at all (like a teeny tiny bit of you is curious) you MUST read this book. I finished it in like 2 hours and I'm even more inspired than I was before! It was gifted to me when I hit a new rank last month. It makes me even more grateful to know these new friends on my team ***

Shoutout to another amazing boss babe Liz Joy. Liz is the reason I got my very first starter kit. I watched her home and fashion blog and was so inspired that when she started talking on her instagram about this company called Young Living I knew I had to be a part of it. Liz wrote an amazing

overview of the "business side" of Young Living and I wanted to share it in case anyone of you out there reading this (mom, are you the only one reading this?) wanted to jump in. LMK if you are! Liz is not only a PLATINUM leader for Young Living and runs a team of many many women under her, she makes the time for each person and lets them feel like they aren't silly for asking questions she hears over and over again. Also it's important to note that these are simply averages. Liz doubled her platinum income this last month. I'm a Senior Star and I more than tripled my estimated income for November also!

Popping into your inbox (this morning or this afternoon) to tell you about the amazing opportunity that sharing your oils with friends and family can bring you. Before I begin, 100% never, EVER, feel any pressure to do anything you don’t want to do! I’m certainly not here to make you feel uncomfortable, I’m here to inspire you with my story. If sharing your love for these products isn’t your thing, no offense taken, however it is my job to present the opportunity that is here for you.

Okay, those who are open to the idea, let’s go.

Here is a VERY brief overview of how this business is going for me. I started sharing my oils about one year ago, and today I brought home enough income for my husband to leave his job. We have one gold on our team (average 6k per month) and 6 new silvers (average 2k per month). Lots of executives (1k per month) Senior Stars and Stars. You get the point. These women are NOT bloggers but are learning how to become total boss babes with our supportive community. This business is for ANYONE who has work ethic and passion for the product.

If you’re interested in starting to share here are some basic facts you should know.

  • You make $50 in commission on anyone you sign up. You also earn 25% on anything your sign up spends for the first 3 months, and then 8% for life.

  • You can start sharing at any point in your journey, it’s not a now or never type deal. Take your time, start now, whenever you are ready, we are here for you!

  • There is no ONE WAY to do this business. Lots of women are having parties, hosting classes, going to vendor events, doing it on social media, talking to the person they are sitting next to on the airplane. It is a business that you can carve YOUR way through which is awesome. My specialty happens to be social media but that’s not for everyone and that’s okay. There is a Royal Crown Diamond (average income 150k per month) who sold kids on horseback, I KID YOU NOT.

Being on our team is SO awesome, there are always girls ready to answer your questions and cheer you on as you go. We have a big text chain on a free app called Group Me and it’s so community-focused. It’s like the village I never had but always wanted and I’m so grateful for it.

We also have our Facebook groups where we can tune into classes and find resources like graphics and photography for our social media.

Not only am I super passionate about our products, but I am SO passionate about helping other women achieve and far surpass their goals. It’s amazing to talk to women who tell me they never knew they had this fire in them and they are SO happy they are on this team.

This was long, but if you’re ready and wanting to chat more about the business, I’m here for you!

Shoot me an email if you want to discuss further

xo, Liz

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