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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

A HUGE shoutout to Kate who is not only an amazing new friend but has taught me so much about Young Living and is there to answer ALL of my neverending questions! She put together this bit of information on Young Livings version of Amazon Prime... if you're into oils and think you plan to continue ordering, you should most certainly keep reading and sign up for Essential Rewards. Also, check out her blog, she has a wealth of amazing information on there!

1. The Young Living Lifestyle - YL is more than just oils; offering plant-based, all-natural products for your entire family. Transfer your spending from Amazon and Target to Young Living for all the things! (Essential oils, household products, personal care products for the whole family, makeup, you name it!)

2. What is Essential Rewards? - a monthly wellness subscription box that YOU customize with what YOU want WHEN you want it! The monthly minimum spending requirement is 50PV. Also, you can cancel at any time.

3. Earning Points Back - You receive a percentage of points back on the purchases you make on ER. On months 1-3 you’ll receive 10% back in points, months 4-24 you’ll receive 20% back in points, and months 25+ you’ll receive 25% back in points!

4. Loyalty Gifts - YL is going to send you loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. After 3 months, a 5 ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality oil! At 6 months, a 5 ml bottle of Thieves Vitality! At 9 months, a 15 ml Tea Tree!! And at 12 months, an exclusive, 5 ml Loyalty Blend specially formulated by Gary Young! Every year after that, you will receive a new loyalty blend created just for ER members.

5. Exclusive Kits - Only available on ER: Ningxia Red ER Kit and Thieves ER Kit discounted at 15%-25% OFF!

6. Monthly Promotions - Young Living offers us different FREEBIE products every month depending on our tiers of spending: 100PV, 190PV, 250PV, 300PV, and most recently, 400PV. You can find the monthly promotions under "Member Resources" in your Virtual Office.

7. Extra Shipping Options - Young Living offers a YL Choice discounted shipping rate on Essential Rewards orders. Young Living ALSO offers two incredible Amazon Prime-like shipping programs called YLGO (12 ER order + 1 Bonus shipment for $59/yr.) and YLGO+ (12 ER order + 24 Quick Order shipments for $129/yr.)

8. Getting Started - Log into your Virtual Office and click "Essential Rewards" to enroll. The monthly minimum spending requirement is 50PV.

9. Filling Your Box - To give you some ideas, Kate goes through her order history here so you can see the progression of how she "ditched + switched" the products in her household over to Young Living.

10. Redeeming Your Points - Rewards points cannot be redeemed through an ER order. You will have to place a Quick Order to cash in your points. Another reason you'll want that YLGO+ shipping, so you'll have those 24 Quick Order shipments to cash in your ER points on all the things!

11. Sharing with Friends - Did you know that Young Living has a referral program in place for when your friends sign up for THEIR premium starter kits through your unique link? Young Living will send you a $50 check for each referral through your link! You can find this in your Virtual Office under Member Resources and Link Builder!

12. ** PV ASSISTANT *** Occasionally, some popular seasonal Young Living products may not be available to ship with your monthly Essential Rewards order. This may cause your order’s PV to fall short of qualifying for Essential Rewards, commission, bonuses and promotional rewards.


- If you're on Essential Rewards, having a below 50PV order would then count as a Quick Order. This will put you at risk of losing your Points Back %. i.e. If you were at 20%, you now start all over and go down to 10%. Additionally, you lose your accumulated ER points. - If you're a Business Builder, having a below 100PV order could have you miss out on full commissions in your paycheck from Young Living. - If you're striving to get a 190PV, 250PV, or 300PV monthly promotional items, and you fall below, you would not get those promotional products in your ER order.


+ PV Assistant allows you to create a monthly PV goal from 50PV to whatever you want. + You can change it monthly to insure you hit the monthly spending requirements for Essential Rewards (50PV), Business Building (100PV), or Monthly Promotions 190PV, 250PV, 300PV, etc. + You design a wish list of your favorite Young Living products- 1st item gets pulled 1st. ** Set these from lowest PV amount to highest PV amount. + If your Essential Rewards order falls below your customizable PV goal, the assistant will automatically add an item(s) from your wish list so that you always meet your goal.


> VIRTUAL OFFICE DASHBOARD > Essential Rewards > PV Assistant > Edit PV Goal > Check box to Activate or Pause > Add Products (Suggestions: Lip balm, Thieves dental floss, Thieves hand purifier, any citrus oils, Einkorn cereal, granola, or pancake + waffle mix, Thieves toothpaste, Seedlings baby wipes for makeup removal, etc.) You can set from lowest PV amount to highest PV amount! > Save

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