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It's been about a month since I reached out last to share that I am starting to sell Essential Oils for a company called Young Living. I know we're all hit up left and right from friends and companies, especially ahead of the Holidays - but I wanted to share a little bit about what I've really loved since I got involved in this business.

It's no secret that with Ethan in school all day (and my philanthropic work having slowed tremendously since the Lurie Children's Fashion Show this past fall) I've been looking for something for myself. Essential Oils literally just seemed to fall into my lap at a time when I needed it too. I followed a handful of girls on Instagram who were all bloggers and shared fashion and food but about a year ago I started noticing them all talking about the benefits that their families were seeing from switching their homes over to non toxic products. It goes way beyond oils people... fabric softener, laundry and dishwasher detergent are literally just a few we've ditched and switched for a more natural alternative. So I continued watching them and in the spring decided to order my starter kit. I told no one (not even my mom!) and slowly started replacing the candles in my home for diffusers with oils, tylenol for deep relief rollers and our cleaning products with non chemical laden ones.

All of our bedrooms and main rooms are now filled with the most amazing scents that not only provide a safe alternative to candles, but have amazing health benefits. Our medicine cabinets, laundry room and utility closet have products in them that I feel confident will not cause all sorts of health concerns down the line (google it, you'll be shocked). My bedside has so many little rollers and sprays of concoctions that I see and feel a difference from using.

I am continuing to learn and try new things and I am most excited about many of the friends I have made in this business selling the products. The products are legit, the money is real, the friendships are solid. All because I took a chance.

We all go to the grocery store or Target and spend bajillions on things that aren't good for us. Won't you consider spending $160 on the gift of wellness for you and your family? Or a gift for someone you love? I also encourage you to take a chance and join me in this business. It's really a no brainer and I can send you information on why it can only help your family. xx

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