Toss out your dryer sheets

I will be the first to admit this was a really hard thing for me to do. I would put 4-5 dryer sheets in each load of laundry simply because I LOVED the smell of fabric softener. We're a generally "clean" house so I am aware (or I thought I was aware) of how bad they were for you, but until I did some digging and ended up down a deep rabbit hole of just exactly how toxic they are, I surprised even myself. If you still use them, or really have not done any research on your own, let me enlighten you on exactly what is melting onto your clothes that you then wear on your body, all day long.

Thank g-d for amazon and the 6 pack of wool dryer balls that I quickly purchased for same day delivery. (There's a link above if you want to see which I got). I learned a little hack from my girl Liz Joy that you attach a safety pin to each ball to combat the static. Here's where good 'ole essential oils come into play... you can literally take any that you want, put 3-4 little drops on each ball and voila ---- a completely natural and not scary way to help dry your clothes and make them smell super fresh. In full disclosure, the thieves laundry soap (that's a post for another day) gives it an amazing scent but I love adding gentle baby, lavender or purification to my dryer balls to give our clothes (and bedding and towels) that bit of extra wow. xx